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Christina Rawls PhD
Evidential Mental & Physical Medium

"She captured their personalities, relationship dynamics and mannerisms perfectly, and provided enough evidence that I am confident of the connection we made."  ~Alisa M., California 

Image by Ava Sol
Image by Paul Matheson

The Philosopher's Medium

Private 1-1 Mediumship Readings, Public & Private Gatherings,
Small Group Mediumship Events, Trance Channeling, Transfiguration, Spirit Photography, Podcast, eBooks & many trusted Resources

Christina Rawls is an experienced and compassionate Evidence-Based Medium who provides intimate, confidential connections with loved ones in Spirit. Dr. Rawls also offers resources for grieving and guidance for those interested in developing their own mediumship abilities or learning more about the truth of the Greater Reality.


As a former Philosophy professor for almost 15 years, Christina now choses to travel across the United States holding mental and physical mediumship healing gatherings with the guidance of her Spirit team. We're here to help make your mediumship experience as sacred, loving, connective, healing and evidential as possible.


Image by Albina White
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