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Love Is the Answer

Christina Rawls, MA, PhD
Evidential Trance Medium
Philosophy Professor

"Once philosophy & I danced for many years. It was a good partnership made of continuous understanding. I loved teaching & working as an eternal student of knowledge. We moved with wonder as students & professors both individually & together. Now I dance with even more of my soul & the music is so very sweet, so very kind, full of love & learning. I am infinitely grateful. But this work is not about me in the end, it's about you, all of us & that life goes on after physical human death.

We all have the ability to connect with Source, with our soul & higher self, with our spirit guides & our loved ones across the veil. We are in a paradigm shift where science meets Spirit meets quantum physics meets evidential mental & physical mediumship. We are all made of love & energy & we chose to be here to learn how to love each other even more."

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"Christina, your abilities are a true antidote to human anguish." ~Orb Magic Client

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"Christina, you and your spirit team changed lives today." ~Kim

"I had a wonderful initial reading with Christina who connected beautifully with my son in Spirit." ~Christine M.

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"Anyone who hasn't read THE ORB PROJECT has no business criticizing the validity of paranormal orbs." 

~Bobby Gallo

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