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Some of my Story


"Congratulations, Christina. You are a tireless worker to get the message out about the greater reality. Thank you so much for the dedication."

~Suzanne Giesemann

 Spiritual Teacher, Evidential Medium, former US Navy Commander

"I have always maintained that sincerity of purpose is of vital importance in respect of the development of mediumship and I know that you have it in bucket loads so Christina keep on keeping on and I wish you well.  My goodness ‘the world’ at present would benefit so very much in many many ways if mankind finally accepted that life upon this earth is merely ‘the beginning."

~Stewart Alexander

"An Extraordinary Journey: The Memoir of a Physical Medium"

Epilogue by Journalist Leslie Kean

Then there was a ballet bar. I was 5. Couldn't reach, but each week I kept trying. By the end of the year, my first solo. The only two things that grace my memory today about that evening was that my mom, grandma & aunt were in the audience. And that I refused to go on stage unless I could wear makeup like the big girls did earlier in the program. I refused to perform unless I was treated equally, regardless of my age or level of maturity. A few other beautiful memories from childhood include talking with the Spirit world, having precognitions, past life memories as a baseball player & knowing that souls go on & exist, somehow, in the afterlife.

Then there was the singing & my need for sound. I know now that I think in concepts, intuition, feeling & sound more than images or words. I have been singing all my life, but to this day I feel my sister has a better singing voice than I do. Did you know that music & singing are requirements to build the energy in real physical mediumship gatherings? What is it about music & singing together that gathers real energy with a higher vibration than any one of us can produce singularly? This higher vibrational energy can then facilitate entry into the physical room from the spiritual dimension. Who knew that music (& water) also helps capture spirits on film even easier too?! Our loved ones go on after physical human death. And they use various ways to continuously communicate this fact & their love for us, including through music, signs & synchronicities, the language of Spirit, mediums, photographs & many other ways.

Then there was the schooling. Does learning ever really end? I've been in school, one way or another, all of my life. This is still true today as a mental trance & physical Medium. The more I learn about energy, Spirit, loved ones in spirit, life after physical human death, multiple dimensions, quantum healing & all related, the more questions I have! The learning, the love, the continued understanding never, ever ends. We are all connected. Spirit is infinite.

I received my Master's degree in philosophy in 2004, the Ph.D. in philosophy in 2015. I taught philosophy for almost 15 years on the university level, full time the last 6, leaving academia by choice in 2021. I have been practicing mediumship just about all of my life, but more formerly & professionally since 2021. I've studied with & learned from beautiful, highly credible mediums, clients & scientists of psi phenomena, from the Arthur Findlay College to VerySoul, with Wolf & Suzanne Giesemann, to multiple real physical mediumship gatherings with scientifically tested mediums from all around the world. These are life changing experiences. They are always about healing first and foremost. They are also always about learning, love, connection, joy, laughter & experimentation with the highest vibrations. Life goes on. Believe. Some of my mentors & teachers or related have also been Gary Mannion, Mychael Shane & Dr. Neal Grossman. Kathleen Cotter Lloyd of My3Doors, whose Grandmother was a Spiritualist minister & medium back in the day in Minneapolis, MN, has been my mentor since 2011.

There is so much more I could say, but what's most important to share is that it's an honor to be used in the Service of Spirit, to help clients & sitters connect & communicate with their loved ones "across the veil" with substantial & specific evidence that they are still alive & well. That we all have a soul made of LOVE, that synchronicity is the language of Spirit, that life goes on & that you will be reunited with those you love again in your natural time. I continue to work daily in these ways, giving readings, being used as the channel between earthly & spiritual dimensions (yes, my philosopher friends, it's real & can be demonstrated). I dedicate my life as both a mental & physical trance Medium to help in any way that I can along with my Spirit Team, including Red Cloud, Oglala Lakota Sioux Chief, who transfigures over my face & body on camera.


Mental & physical mediumship are two very different ways to connect us to loved ones in Spirit. They train differently & the work & dedication is continuous, lifelong. All mediumship is about facilitating healing, love, connection, joy, apologies if needed, continued understanding & much much more. You too can learn how to commune evidentially with Spirit! It is Natural Law.
All is LOVE & ENERGY. We are made of love, but the best part of our personalities survive into the afterlife where we continue on. ~



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