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"We do not want riches. We want peace and love."

~Red Cloud, Oglala Lakota Sioux Chief

"I am truly uplifted! I have closure for the first time in 7 years! The most powerful experience I have ever had. I felt so much love and peace!" ~Mindy H

Image by Annie Spratt

~Nicole G.

"Dr. Christina has an incredible gift! I have had the privilege to do virtual and in-person sessions with her... I highly recommend her to anyone seeking connection to those across the veil... What sets Dr. Christina apart is her impeccable ethics and integrity...ensuring that the sessions were a safe and secure space... Dr. Christina was able to connect me to my loved ones who have passed on, delivering messages that resonated with truth and authenticity. The accuracy...has left me in

awe, providing me with immense comfort..."

~Christine M.

"I had a wonderful initial reading with Christina who connected beautifully with my son in Spirit... No doubt of Christina's ability to connect beyond the veil."

Image by Rod Long
Image by Riccardo Annandale


"She brought in my grandmother and gave me evidence on things only a few people knew...sensitive information. I'm so grateful. You have a wonderful spirit about you and are a true gifted medium."

~Tori S.

"If you are interested in a reading from a true evidential trance medium, Christina is your lady. She gave me a reading that changed my life and I'll forever be grateful for the healing and love..."

Image by Mathilde Langevin

~Kim R.

"I heard about Dr. Christina through Allison DuBois...she was able to share evidence based information on 4 souls across the veil. She captured their essences (personalities, senses of humor, styles of clothing)..." 

~Monique R.

"Spending time with Christina was an uplifting and validating experience that strengthened and informed my spiritual connections to my ancestors. The evidential nature of the exchanges further honored my cultural legacy and my eternal bond with my loved ones..."

"My son is in special ops
and the things he has been through no one could possibly know the things she knew! The amount of clarity and transparency was incredible! I'm forever grateful to have had this experience! She truly is an amazing soul that cares deeply and connects emotionally!"

~Barbra B.

"I was just blown away. I gave Christina my wish list of who I'd like to hear from... They were lining up to give messages... My husband's father... My Aunt... There was so much evidence and confirmations... Book this woman."

~Stewart Legg,

Trance Medium

"Christina gave me fantastic reading, very evidential and reassuring of evidence of my mediumship, stuff to do with my physical mediumship that came through with her, it was very lovely and she is a lovely person as well and kind and helpful as well. Thank you so much"
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